Treatment of Bruises That Can Be Done at Home

Bruising or bruising is a common condition, especially in children. Usually bruises arise due to collision with hard objects, causing rupture of small blood vessels (capillaries). Not only visible discoloration of the skin, bruising also causes pain. Recognize how to treat bruises that you can do at home. In addition to hitting hard objects, bruising can also be caused by physical activity or strenuous sports, falls, or sprains. Generally, mild bruising from hitting hard objects can disappear within two to three weeks. But in some cases, bruising takes longer to heal. Stages of Color Change in Bruises The speed of slow healing of a bruise depends on how severe the collision is and where the wound is located. The following are the stages of discoloration of bruises, which can signal the healing process: Red Shortly after colliding, the skin will look red. You will also notice that parts of the body that have been hit become slightly swollen and feel painful when touched. Blu
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